Why SeraSerandipitous?  It's a combination of a name and a moment.

SeraSera is a longstanding nickname from family and friends.  I love it, as it has the lackadaisical, embracing meaning of understanding, "what will be, will be."

Crafting for me is like running.  I don't do it because I have a natural skill or ability.  I do it because I'm determined.  And it's good for my health. 

And when being crafty, there's an occasional moment that seems to come by accident.  But it's a fortunate--a serendipitous, if you will--moment.  This moment is when being crafty is no longer a struggle, but a success.  Suddenly, I'm overwhelmed in seeing a proud, creative life that I'm still discovering for myself. It's serendiptous.

So that's the name.  Welcome to SeraSerandipitous.

This is a space for playing, creating, reflecting, and making the world a little prettier. I'm not good, but I'm determined. And I'm surrounded by good community.  Thank you for that.